I had no idea how much Dr. May would impact my health the first time I went in to see her.  I went into the clinic more or less out of desperation, due to chronic colds that never seemed to go away.  I knew my regular doctor would just say to get more rest and take Vitamin C, which was NOT working (or really possible, with 2 toddlers at home).  For about a year and a half I had a cold almost constantly, and was miserable.  Every family video we took for a long time had me coughing in the background.  Dr. May put me on a probiotic, and I haven’t been sick in a year (except when I missed a dose).  It was just that simple.  She figured out that during my second pregnancy, when I got food poisoning (twice), my gut bacteria got all messed up, which affected my immune system.  In addition, her acupuncture was the only thing that alleviated my all-day morning sickness.  I would recommend Dr. May to anyone.  She is a fantastic listener, uses sound science principles to determine treatments, and actually generates REAL RESULTS.  I was foolish to go to a naturopath as a last resort – if I had seen her right when I started having problems, I could have saved myself a year and a half of misery.

Shannon is THE most awesome naturopath doctor. She was a major help in my final weeks of my twin pregnancy. If you know anything about PUPPS rash in pregnancy…you can imagine how thrilled I was when Shannon cured it for me. Dr. May is a true miracle worker.

For about two years I struggled with a progressively worsening reaction. In years past I struggled with eczema but this was different.  I would have a quick onset, on my face, of itching and redness, followed by days of mild swelling and sloughing.  I sought help from my primary physician, a dermatologist, and an allergist; I was treated but the problem was never solved.  I was positive there was something causing the reaction, so I turned to someone new.  On my first visit to Dr. May she explained she felt it was food related and that not all reactions are immediate.  She ordered a test which pinpointed the foods that my body definitely did not like but took a day or two to react. After avoiding them and following a cleansing advised by Dr. May, it started to clear up in about 2 months.  At 5 months it is drastically improved.  This started in my mid 40’s and I was very surprised to learn about which foods were irritants – foods I’ve always eaten.  I am very happy and thankful for Dr. May’s help.  Her knowledge and perspective is so refreshing.

Finding Dr. May at a time when I had unexpected health challenges has changed my life and lifestyle in a very positive way! At the initial visit, she learned everything about me so I am treated as a whole person.  Her relaxed and comforting manner has taken away many of the fears I had felt in the past.  Dr. May helps me deal with my traditional doctors using medical test results and ‘walks beside me’ as I face treatments by explaining western medicine and making recommendations. Knowing me, as a whole person, she has suggested supplements and acupuncture and I am stronger and happier than before we met!  It is hard to put into words the comfort I have felt as I have walked the pathway of the ‘unknown’ with Dr. May as my advocate and friend.